State Superintendent: Schools with police are not safer than those without

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Posted at 11:41 AM, Jun 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-30 14:45:01-04

The California superintendent of schools is discussing the impact of police on school campuses through a new "task force on safe schools" hearing. It's just one of many new initiatives to address race and racism in schools throughout California.

According to California State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond, West Ed released research that did not reflect schools with school police were safer than those without. However, the research did show that schools with school police had higher rates of student expulsion.

Thurmond said they're also looking for ways to educate students on everyone's history.

"We have put together support circles to let students be supported by their feelings and trauma that they've experienced and witnessed. They want to see changes in the curriculum that they experience in school. They want to know all kinds of history and they want to see representation from people who look like them and for those reasons we are launching a mini series on ethnic studies to highlight contributions of African-Americans, Latinos, Asian Pacific Islanders and Native Americans on creating so many great things in this state and in this nation."

Thurmond also outlined a framework that included establishing immediate best practices and requirements for school police and promoting and funding alternative programs such as restorative justice and intervention programs.