Pets being alone after the pandemic

Practice a return to work routine with your pet
Posted at 9:17 AM, Apr 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-01 12:17:57-04

(KERO) — Many Americans brought a dog into their homes during the pandemic because they were working from home. As things gradually open up some of those pandemic pooches may soon have separation anxiety.

Nicole Ellis is a professional dog trainer on the Amazon series "The Pack." Ellis recommends starting with small steps like leaving the house for short periods. She also says to try to feed and walk them at the time you would when you start leaving the house to go to work and don't make a big deal about leaving or returning.

"So if you really want to give them a good cuddle and say goodbye do it half an hour before you leave. And when we leave just a simple okay 'I'll be back.' Leave. If we make a big fuss they're like 'oh no what's happening.' We're going to work up that anxiety. And it's the same thing when we come home. They're losing their minds, are so excited. And, believe me, I'm really excited to see my dog too and have a hard time but I'm just like just wait till he's calm. Reward that calm behavior when he comes down. Then get on the floor love them up and cuddled him, but we don't want to reward that really frantic energy."

Another suggestion: don't give your dog full run of the house and when you leave. Give them their favorite toys or items that smell like you.