Lightning in a Bottle festival impacts local business

Owner says she saw influx in customers
Posted at 9:34 PM, May 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-16 00:34:00-04

BAKERSFIELD, CA.  — The highly anticipated Lightning in a Bottle festival brought thousands of festival-goers to the Buena Vista Recreational Center this past weekend.

But before the bright lights and live music came to Kern County, many had concerns about the impact the event would have on the county.

Local business owner Gurmit Jhaj says her business boomed due to LIB's presence in Kern County.

Jhaj owns Country Side Market, off Taft Highway and Buena Vista, just down the road from the festival grounds.

"It was a good impact, we were very busy, especially Saturday when the traffic backed out and everyone was hanging around in our parking lot," said Jhaj.

However, the entire impact on the county is still being considered.

When 23ABC went to the campgrounds yesterday, there were piles of trash left behind. But the county said the Do Lab, the group that put on the event, was in the process of cleaning it up and has until the end of the week to do so.

The county expected the festival to bring two to three million dollars to Kern County, however those totals are still being calculated.

KCSO officials said they are still gathering information on how much the festival cost the department and how many resources were used.