Bakersfield woman taking recovery one day at a time

Posted at 9:42 PM, Apr 14, 2014
and last updated 2017-09-26 22:32:44-04

A pool accident leaves a Bakersfield woman unable to walk or even talk, but one year later her recovery is bringing new hope.  Faith, and perseverance are the things helping her get through it all.

It's a moment that changed Jennifer Bowling's life forever. 

"I could of actually drowned," she said.

An accident near a swimming pool in January 2013 left her fighting for life.  She spent the next thirty days in a Bakersfield hospital.

"At that time, I was like, I'm not giving up. I've worked too hard for what I do have, I'm not going to buckle under and just give up my life.  No matter what occurs here, I'm going to go forward," she said.

Physical therapy helped get bowling back on her feet, but so did faith and her family.

"It wasn't sure at the time, if she was going to make a full recovery.  So, it was a little bit nerve racking, but after she got out of the hospital she just continued to go full force into getting better," said sister, Lonna Bowling.

Now, able to walk again and even drive Bowling is working hard on a Master’s Degree, helping inspire others every chance she gets.

"It gives people hope, you know especially people that deal with paralyze, I think it can be very inspiring who may suffer from the same thing," said Bowling.

Bowling eventually wants to open her own counseling practice and write books, but for now she's taking her recovery one day at a time.

"Never give up no matter what happens in life. You know, whether you have pretty bad experiences, people fail you, things fail you, whatever the case may be, you know, never to give up," she said.


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