Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, local gun stores say they've seen an increase in sales

Posted at 1:03 AM, Mar 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-24 04:03:53-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Amid the coronavirus outbreak, customers that are interested in purchasing a gun or ammunition have waited in line outside for hours, due to the rising demand.

"You never really know. People are losing their minds in the stores you know. If something runs out, if we get locked down you don't know if someone might come into your house," Nick Contreras, a first-time buyer said.

Contreras said he visited several stores but the adjusted business hours of local gun stores along with many stores running out of stock, he hasn't been able to purchase anything yet.

Local gun stores have implemented purchasing limits for buyers as they manage the recent spike in sales.

"It's been a tidal wave of customers coming in and we've increased a lot of sales," Chris LaJoie, the general manager of Second Amendment Sports said.

Bill Walker, the Director of Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services said the fear of the unknown is encouraging people to stockpile.

"Once a run starts, it gets its own momentum. Once people are afraid something is not going to be there then they want to go out and get what they think is going to be enough in case they can never get it again," Walker said. "Right now you've seen that run on guns, you've seen that run on ammo, we've seen that run on toilet paper."

Amid the crisis, Walker advises people to take a look at what you need and not stockpile items.

"People need to know and understand is that most people if given the opportunity will help you in a time of crisis. Not hurt you," Walker said.