Local church hosts drive-in movie night during COVID-19

Local church hosts drive-in movie night during COVID-19
Posted at 1:23 AM, May 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-16 04:23:40-04

The RiverLakes Community Church in Northwest Bakersfield on Friday held a free drive-in movie theater, for the first time and showed Legos 2.

"He saw it on the email and we were like yes let's get out of the house and let's do something fun with the kids because they have been kind of cooped up," said Heidi Wong, a moviegoer.

The lot behind the church quickly transformed as a 33-foot screen overlooked the sea of cars.

"This provides mental care, it allows them to get out," said Angelo Frazier, pastor of care and outreach at RiverLakes Community Church. "[It gives them] something to think about other than the present situation."

Frazier tells 23ABC they have strict guidelines for moviegoers, such as everyone must stay in their cars at all times.

"We are following the CDC guidelines and making sure people are spacing things out and making sure people stay in their cars," Frazier said. "Also, there are restrooms, too, if people need to go, and they are going to be sterilized after each time somebody goes in."

As cars poured in, attendees were greeted with free snacks and were given the radio frequency for audio. Those who attended say they are grateful to see their friends and community, for the first time in weeks.

"It's important to know that we have a sense of community regardless of the good and bad stuff," said Steve Henslee.

"Just let your neighbors and friends know that you are there and it's ok to make fun in the time of a global pandemic."

The RiverLakes Community Church says they aren't sure if they will hosts other movie nights but share they have received nothing but positive feedback.