MLK CommUnity Initiative helps East Bakersfield residents in need; gets 1,000 masks donated

Posted at 12:42 AM, May 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-12 13:13:12-04

BAKERSFIELD,Calif. — The MLK CommUnity Initiative announced on Monday that two African American organizations are donating life-saving materials, 1,000 masks, for those in need in East Bakersfield.

The organization is actively donating food and other life-saving materials.

Local community leaders share that more help is needed.

Meena Sanghera is an active part of the MLK CommUnity Initiative, as 23ABC reported the group recently launched within the past year.

"The Eastside of town is underserved in many ways, they need grocery stores, healthcare, and businesses," said Sanghera. "These are being worked on by the MLK CommUnity Initiative and now we have a whole volunteer team that goes and delivers to the seniors."

The MLK CommUnity Initiative's sole purpose is to pour in resources into the MLK Southeast Bakersfield corridor.

Since the recent COVID-19 pandemic their help is needed even more to help educate the community about the virus.

"We are going to incorporate education regards to the distribution, as well," said Fred Prince, the owner of Omega Insurance. "In turn, this part of the community will receive these masks and hopefully this will help them."

The MLK CommUnity Initiative partners like Omega Insurance and the Law Office of Curtis Floyd are two local businesses, which has purchased 1,000 masks in bulk to distribute in the East Bakersfield community.

The distribution of the masks will take place during the MLKCommUnity Initiative's weekly hot meal and food distribution which happens every 3rd Monday.

This occurs off of 1116 E. California Ave. and will be a drive-through pickup.

Community leader Isaiah Crompton says he wants people of the Eastside community to know that they have support and aren't alone, during this outbreak.

He is also hoping to build and expand their distribution center.

"We want to build this structure at the Bakersfield Island and we want to grow it, want people to get service, get work and get off the streets," Crompton said. "We want to be a light in a dark place. "

The MLK CommUnity Initiative and their partners share that they hope these acts of service will inspire others to come forward and give back.