Cracking the code on 3 popular game shows

Posted at 10:22 AM, Aug 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-31 13:23:36-04

Game shows are taking over TV lately. Celebrity Family Feud just got renewed for a fourth season and is averaging 6.7 million viewers per showing. Most Americans love these shows, but how do you get on one and is it all fake? Kristina Guerrero is cracking the code on three popular game shows.

1.  Family Feud

Who are these 100 people surveyed and can you be part of it? Do you just get stopped on the street? Turns out they use a polling company that uses random-digit dialing. So if answer your phone you could get surveyed.

2.  The Price is Right

To find my answer we asked Emmy-winning game show producer Gary Green. He says, “Every single one of those contestants is interviewed before they go onto the set so we have a sense of who we think is going to be good who's gonna have great energy and who's gonna make our show more enjoyable for the home viewer." So it’s all about big energy. Gary also says, "Obviously having a lot of energy when you're being interviewed by the producers is critical, but even more critical is actually having some knowledge about the show itself."

3.  Jeopardy

How smart do you need to be to get on Jeopardy? It all comes down to taking a test. If you've answered enough right you'll get a call and be invited on the show.

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