Delano police arrest 12 people in multi-agency gang sweep

Posted at 4:57 PM, Feb 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-20 19:57:17-05

In a Facebook post, the Delano Police Department announced they conducted an anti-gang operation on Thursday morning at around 7 a.m. that led to the arrest of 12 people.

According to the Delano police, the operation "was focused at reducing gang violence within the Delano-McFarland communities. Over 35 law enforcement officers participated in this operation with over 80 locations being targeted." Among those agencies participating were the McFarland Police Department, Bakersfield Police Department, Kern County Probation Department, Arvin Police Department, Ridgecrest Police Department, and the Kern County Sheriff’s Department.

The targets of the operation were chosen because of their criminal history, prior gang membership or their parole status.

Those arrested included two 16-year-olds on probation violations and another 16-year-old wanted on a felony warrant.

The others arrested were:

  • Rosalva Espinoza, 30, violation of probation
  • Victor Marquez, 37, CVC 2800.2(a), PC 148(a)(1), warrants
  • Humberto Jimenez Ceja, 40, probation violation, H&S 11364
  • Jesse Orozco, 24, CVC 2800.2(a), PC 182.5, CVC 23103, CVC 22348
  • Ricardo Serrano, 19, felony warrant, PC 4573.6
  • Jose Duran, 29, probation violation
  • Pablo Martinez, 34, probation violation
  • Yvette Velasquez, 25, probation violation
  • Joseph Pascua, 50, misdemeanor warrant

In the Facebook post, Delano Police Chief Robert Nevarez thanked the agencies that participated in the event.