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Asthma Coalition of Kern County provides tips amid wildfires, poor air quality and COVID-19

Posted at 1:27 PM, Aug 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-24 16:31:11-04

The San Joaquin Valley Pollution Control Air District wants to let residents know that wildfires continue to burn around the Valley, and the Air Quality Alert put into place last week is still in effect possibly into next week.

The Asthma Coalition of Kern County has provided the community with some tips and resources to stay healthy and manage asthma symptoms during this time.

Asthma Tips:
1. Take steps to cope with stress and anxiety. As more cases of COVID-19 are discovered and our communities take action to combat the spread of disease, it is natural for some people to feel concerned or stressed. Take moments inside to practice deep breathing, listen to music, and practice mindfulness.

2. Be prepared. Make sure that you have 30 days of nonprescription medications and supplies on hand in case you need to stay home to isolate for extended periods of time. Talk to your healthcare provider about creating an emergency supply of prescription medications like inhalers and nebulizers.

3. Disinfect and clean surfaces regularly. Use fans to air out chemical cleaners, or use natural cleaners like water mixed with white vinegar to disinfect surfaces. Surfaces like phone and tablet screens, remotes, light switches and more can benefit from daily disinfecting.

4. Follow your Asthma Action Plan. Don’t stop any asthma medications or change your asthma treatment plan without talking to your healthcare provider. Discuss any concerns about your treatment with your healthcare provider.