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People feeling overwhelmed by cybersecurity

Cybersecurity (FILE)
Posted at 11:04 AM, Apr 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-20 14:04:40-04

(KERO) — There are side effects to increased cyber security. Some people are overwhelmed by security alerts and others are changing their behavior when they see a privacy notice.

People who read a generic privacy notice are less interested in making a purchase, according to one report published earlier this year. However, the impact went away when the notice included phrases like, "We care about your privacy."

Experts say benevolent language goes a long way.

"The people who draft the privacy policies and privacy notices aren't typically thinking about consumers' reactions to it as much as the legal ramifications for the firm," said privacy expert Aaron Brough with Utah State University. "And that's what we found really makes the difference here, is that when you're communicating that without a sense of the firm's caring for the consumer, it has a negative effect, rather than a positive effect, on purchase interest."

For others, it's the number of alerts that are causing anxiety. More than 60-percent of U.S. technology experts say they get 500 cloud security alerts each day.

Though there may not be an easy fix, experts say the key is to cut down on the total number of alerts by eliminating the ones that aren't emergencies.