Helio Castroneves' 5 steps to pull off the perfect prank

Posted at 1:18 PM, May 27, 2016
and last updated 2017-05-25 11:57:29-04

The Indy 500 is this Sunday, so Bradley Hasemeyer got three-time champ, Helio Castroneves to give him the four steps to pull off the perfect prank. Then they brought in three people who thought they were going to be interviewed about their careers, but Helio had other plans. It's the prank that left everyone saying “What the Helio?!"


1.  Start with a Great Disguise


2.  You've Got to Commit to the Role


3.  Shift the Prank into High-Gear by Deflating Your Victim's Expectations


4.  Flawless Execution


5.  Make the Last Lap of Your Prank Memorable


Now you're ready to pull off the perfect prank by using Helio's four steps!


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