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Kern Medical looking to hire upwards of 50 positions

Kern Medical
Posted at 5:06 AM, Mar 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-08 10:08:54-05

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — You can see Kern Medical’s poster of a mother and child pretty clearly when you’re driving down Mount Vernon Ave. It’s the kind of image that echoes what a hospital recruiter says is their mission.

“Our CEO always stresses that we are people working for people,” Eric Geiger, hospital recruiter at Kern Medical said. “So we have of course people, who are our staff members and our patients and patient’s families. That’s something we look at first and foremost.”

Energy and compassion are some of the things Kern Medical is looking for in future employees too, according to Geiger.

Right now, Kern Medical is looking to hire:

-At least 10 experienced nurses for their intensive care unit (ICU) and operating room (OR), who have two years of nursing experience

-10 patient care technicians, who have completed a CNA course at an accredited school

-15 health medical assistants for their mobile COVID vaccine clinic

-10 outpatient medical support professionals who have completed medical courses at vocational schools

-Five building service workers with at least a high school degree

While these positions will last for nine months, Geiger said, “A lot of times when we have our full time benefit positions come open, we will look at our extra help employees first.”

Besides the chance to go full time, Geiger pointed to the growth opportunities in working at a teaching hospital:

-In-house education, training and medical research

-Supervisors will adjust schedules for anyone who wants to advance their degree

-Tuition reimbursement opportunities for those advancing their degree

“It’s not just a place you’re going to work,” Geiger said. “It’s a place you’re going to learn. That's something that’s encouraged at Kern Medical.”

Geiger added that Kern medical offers the following competitive benefits:

- Five health plans to choose from

-Eight days of paid time off

-A robust retirement plan.

-For nurses: a $6000 bonus when they come on board

Application information can be found here. Geiger said the turnaround time from application time to interview is about a week.

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