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Kern Back In Business: Stantec hiring variety of positions

Posted at 6:15 AM, Nov 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-04 11:23:04-05

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Here’s your chance to to get a job in the energy and engineering fields. Stantec in Bakersfield is hiring a wide variety of positions, which range from oil and engineers to architecture and biologists.

Stantec's human resource consultant Karen Fallgatter said, positions vary widely because the need to grow to keep up with their customers. And that means they’re looking to hire all types of new employees quickly.

Oil and energy is one of the three biggest industries in Kern County. And Stantec is an international company here in Bakersfield that has a hand in our oil fields. But Fallgatter said they do more here in Kern County than just oil.

“Wide variety of disciplines and projects that includes buildings disciplines, community developments, environmental services, energy and resources, public utilities, public sector, infrastructure,” said Fallgatter.

While Stantec is involved in a lot of different fields, most of those fields have a connection to oil. John Virrey and Spencer Pruett recently joined Stantec and neither have a stereotypical oil job in our oilfields.

“Anything from local oil and gas projects, or we can work on statewide projects, military bases," said Virrey. "But it’s pretty much electrical design and infrastructure.”

While Pruett added, “In oil and gas especially, you know they are working around habitat. It’s important that they stay in compliance with and protect the animals and they do a really good job at it.”

Stantec currently has 12 different types of positions available. Fallgatter said those positions are available because of their clients' needs.

“Client growth, client demand," said Fallgatter. "And various projects that come in and really aids in the need to support the various clientele.”

Travel can be a big part of the job at Stantec. Whether it’s going out to a local project site in Bakersfield or another location around the state, country or world.

“So I’m traveling throughout the state quite often," said Virrey. "I was recently in Eureka, California, I’ll be in Sacramento quite often. We have projects down in Ventura, so I’m on the road a lot.”

For Pruett he focuses on making sure Stantec doesn’t disrupt any endangered specials like the kit fox or kangaroo rat.

“I love it, they’re cute critters," said Pruett. "I like having the opportunity to see them as often as I can. And I like that I can help protect them from harm.”

Fallgatter said positions range from entry level all the way to six-figure management careers. The best way to apply for a job is to apply online at And while the job qualifications range widely, the characteristics are similar.

“We’re so cross-discipline oriented," said Fallgatter, "it’s very helpful if you can relate to one another and to collaborate with one another.”

And if you work hard enough Fallgatter said it’s easy to move up within the company.

“With the right mindset and the right passion for the role that they are in, they can take their career anywhere within the organization,” said Fallgatter.