5 reasons to workout outside this Winter

Health benefits for exercising outside this Winter
Posted at 2:17 PM, Jan 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-03 17:29:17-05

With New Years resolutions in full swing and gyms being filled up, it is becoming hard this winter to exercise indoors and it is very easy to stay inside in the comforts of our warm home.  But, I have found 5 health benefits for working out outside this winter which will help save money and help improve your overall health as well.

1)  Burn more calories!

It may be a little cold outside, but one health benefit for exercising outside is that you burn more calories!  Your body is actually working harder to regulate the blood flow and temperatures in the chilly air as you workout and this means that you burn more calories outside in the cold then inside in the warm gym!

2)  You drink more water.

Ever wonder why you are so thirsty after a workout outside?  This is because your sweat evaporates more quickly in the cool air then inside.  This makes it seem like you are even more thirsty which causes you to drink more water!  Drinking more water helps clear out toxins and help overall with a healthy body.

3)  You build you immune system and tolerance to the cold

You may feel a little chilly starting your first exercises outside this winter, but working out in the cold actually helps build your tolerance to the cold and enhances your immune system.  Exposure to the cold air for these times will help strengthen your body to fight against illness and disease and help your body get used to the cold air as well.

4)  You strengthen your heart!

The cold air actually helps one very important organ.  Your heart!  In the cold air, your heart will work harder to help regulate the blood flow all throughout the body.  This will help strengthen your heart and helps fight heart disease and heart problems.

5) Vitamin D!

It is hard to stay outside in the chilly air with a lot of people trying to stay inside this winter. But, working out outside will help you get plenty of Vitamin D from the sun!  This nutrient helps build strong bones and teeth and helps nourish your body as well for calcium.

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