A local cleaning company, Clean Stride, is cleaning homes for women who are battling cancer

Posted at 6:39 PM, Oct 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-13 21:39:33-04

Important work is happening right here in Bakersfield…a local group helping women fighting cancer. Clean Stride is a local family-owned cleaning company. They have teamed up with the national non-profit Cleaning For A Reason and they donate their cleaning services to local women fighting cancer.


This house may look like any normal house on the outside, but it’s getting a special cleaning treatment on the inside. “We help them wash dishes, scrub bathrooms, scrub kitchens, dust, vacuum and mop," said Adriana Olivares, the owner of Clean Stride.


Shining windows and sparkling countertops are all part of the package for certain clientele…those fighting cancer. And today one local woman battling cancer is experiencing her first cleaning with this company. Helping these women is important to Olivares.


"In 2005 I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer, so i know what the family is going through, when they are going through treatment and they need a lot of help," said Olivares. She also says fighting cancer should be the main thing her clients worry about.


"When the client like right now saw her clean home…it’s just one less thing they have to worry about and she can just keep fighting her battle," said Olivares. She has owned the business for about 6 years.. But a couple years in, a client canceled her service and when she found out the reason she decided to do something about it. "I found out through Facebook that she had cancer and was going through a divorce and she had five kids and didn’t have any help so I reached out and we cleaned for free; so I started researching online and I found Cleaning For A Reason and cleaning companies can sign up with them and help other patients.”


Cleaning For A Reason reaches out to all hospitals and cancer centers allowing doctors and nurses to recommend this special cleaning service to their patients. When fighting cancer, the last thing the patient should be worrying about is a clean home.


Clean stride cleans two homes per month for four consecutive months at no charge. To apply to get your house cleaned you can go to their website.