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An India native is traveling the world by bike, started world tour on November 10, 2014

Posted at 6:17 PM, Jan 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-19 21:17:19-05

We’ve heard about traveling around the world in 80 days by hot air balloon. But one India native is traveling around the world by bike. And has been for a couple of years. Abhishek Kumar Sharma is traveling around the world visiting six continents and meeting new people along the way. And he is doing it all from the seat of his bike.


Sharma is traveling around the world by bicycle to promote climate change and global peace awareness. He started his journey over two years ago. Sharma is an ecologist in India and wanted to raise awareness on two topics that are important to him. “I am raising awareness, visiting universities, colleges, schools, doing some lectures, seminars and my topic is future consequences of climate change,” said Sharma.


He left India on November 10, 2014. “It’s a unique journey of life beyond imagination,” said Sharma. Since starting his journey he has traveled to 40 countries and 998 cities in 38 months. Traveling almost 32,000 miles so far…by bike. “This is a quite heavy bicycle, but a comfortable bicycle and I love this bicycle,” said Sharma.


He also carries everything he needs with him. “I have a sleeping bag, a tent, sleeping mat, some clothes, bicycle spares, water, helmet,” said Sharma. On an average day he rides between 50 and 60 miles, and California is the 20th state he has been to. Sharma says that as an ecologist he has loved visiting Norway…and that as a bicycle rider he enjoyed visiting Holland because of their bicycle culture. But his favorite part of the journey is promoting what he values. “We only have one planet to live on, on the other hand for peace we don’t need any war, and we don’t need any hate or racism, those sort of things because we all are human beings and we are all the same,” said Sharma.


The next step for Sharma is Australia and New Zealand. He plans to end his trip back to India in the year 2020.