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Authorities processed more than 1,000 tips in the missing California City boys case

Posted at 7:34 PM, Feb 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-02 22:37:10-05

CALIFORNIA CITY, Calif. — It's been more than six weeks since two toddler brothers were reported missing from their home in California City.

Since then, authorities have processed more than 1,000 tips, according to California City Police Chief Jon Walker.

With $100,000 in reward money on the table, CCPD dispatcher Geri Angell said the department has received just about every kind of call.

"The most bizarre [tip] recently, is that we need to look out our chief because he's hiding the boys," Angell said.

The department used to receive between 20 and 40 tips daily at one point, but that has since decreased to about 5 to 10 tips per day recently, according to Angell.

Many tips claimed sightings of the boys, which Brian Hansen, the lead investigator in the case has invalidated.

According to Walker more than 10 people have called the department, claiming the boys were buried somewhere. Those tips even included exact coordinates of those locations.

Hansen and his team have followed up on every single one of those claims and he said all of them were disproved. The most recent tip of the sort was reported on Monday, with someone providing coordinates of a remote area in California City to authorities, alleging the boys were dumped there.

"We didn't find anything out there," Hansen said. "Later on we got a call from a citizen who said that they found bones just north of those coordinates. We went back out there and talked with the coroner's office and they confirmed that those were in fact animal bones."

In fact, Walker said not a single tip that has been reported to the department has proven to be credible.

Walker said he appreciates how invested the community is in the case and encourages people to continue sharing info with the department by calling 760-373-8606.