Thieves steal community library

Posted at 11:51 PM, Mar 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-26 02:51:28-04

In a quiet northwest Bakersfield neighborhood, one family decided to open a little free library in their front yard.

Giving kids and adults a chance to read a new book.

But what they didn't expect was for someone to walk off with the entire book case.

Take a book to read, or leave one for the next person.

Grant Fieldgrove said it didn't matter as long as everyone had the chance to pick out something they liked.

“The top shelf was novels, the second shelf was like young adult and then the bottom was just like jam packed with like all different kinds of kids books,” said Fieldgrove.

But now the neighborhood's mini monument has gone missing leaving many like Grant’s mother Gayle and neighbor Charlotte Howard confused as to why someone would steal such a thing.

“It's sad that anybody would take another person’s property and they put it out there for everybody, not just for one person,” said Howard.

“I mean it's different, it's just different. It's a kids resource and we all want our kids to be the best they can be,” said Gayle Fieldgrove.

And the Fieldgrove's also said the little library was always busy, making the thief's timing less than ideal with many kids out on break.

“We have visitors often and we really needed them here this week for Easter week when the kids are out and about and need more things to do,” said Gayle Fieldgrove.

“There's always books missing and people write thank you on the board and stuff,” said Grant Fieldgrove.

But the Fieldgrove's made sure to say the library won't be down for long, saying the support they've received so far has been amazing.

“Our neighbor just right there just came over and said hey we can scrounge up some books. You know my friend around the corner said she can get some books for us,” said Grant Fieldgrove.

“They've had offers of money to help replace books, people said oh I have books at home I'll bring for you to put into the library so now they just have to find another receptacle,” said Gayle Fieldgrove.

The Fieldgrove's said they plan to track down a new bookcase as soon as they can, hoping to have it up and running in the coming weeks.