BFD Granted Piece of World Trade Center

Posted at 5:06 PM, Mar 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-25 21:54:20-04

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has granted Bakersfield Fire Department's request to receive a steel artifact from the World Trade Center.

"This is very unique. There's not many of these memorials throughout the nation, so to have one in Bakersfield is definitely significant," said Battalion Chief Trever Martinusen, with Bakersfield Fire Department.

Batt.Chief Anthony Galagaza, also with BFD added "What we want to do is never forget, and by erecting this memorial, we're not going to forget those people that were lost on that tragic day."

The steel artifact will be the centerpiece of Bakersfield Fire's 9/11 Memorial, located off Buena Vista Road. 

"It's such a large piece, we want to make sure we showcase it here," added Galagaza.

The piece weights about 6.5 tons and will stand around 22 feet tall. The piece is significant due to its proximity to the 1992 World Trade Center bombing. 

"It's huge for us and it's going to be an honor to have here in front of our station," Galagaza said.

Half of a dozen BFD firefighters will head to New York City to recieve the artifact next week. They'll be alongside Fire Department of New York firefighters. 

"At this point now, we're able to still remember them, to still give back and be able to be in New York, to pay tribute, to see that piece of steel, to get put on that trailer knowing it's coming to Bakersfield is a huge honor to have that opportunity to go," said Martinunsen.

The project was made possible by non-profit organizations and won't cost taxpayers a dime.