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Bakersfield High School teachers upset over disciplinary practices limiting their protection

Posted at 7:14 PM, Apr 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-18 00:06:55-04

According to Kern High School District officials, at least 13 teachers have been assaulted by students on Kern County school campuses this year. 


During a district meeting last Monday, more than a dozen teachers spoke out about what they say is a lack of action by administration.


“I realize that the board has had their hands tied to a certain extent regarding staff safety from students with lawsuits from the Dolores Huerta foundation regarding suspension/expulsion of non-white students to the regulations imposed by the department of education under the Obama administration,” said BHS security guard Steve Perryman.


Perryman, addressed the KHSD board in reference to the Sanders v. KHSD lawsuit filed on behalf of the Dolores Huerta foundation in 2014. The lawsuit was in response to data from the educations civil rights office showing that Kern County schools expelled more African American and Hispanic students.


Prior to the lawsuit the district implemented what they call “a positive behavioral interventions and supports model” which gives students the opportunity to discuss their issues and resolve conflict with a trained staff member before facing other disciplinary actions.

Several teachers however don’t feel the PBIS model is working.


“The ship was good, everything was fine, it’s not like that anymore, we are retaining kids that should not be on campus, at all,” said BHS employee Archie Parks.

The District says they take the teachers concerns seriously and will do a full review of disciplinary policies. 


The district also said that every student was "appropriately disciplined" and it does "not tolerate violence against staff."

District officials say they are continuing to meet with teacher leaders this month to go over topics pertaining to student and staff safety.