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Bike Bakersfield is helping the community receive bikes in exchange for volunteer hours

Posted at 11:03 AM, Nov 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-03 14:03:31-04

Helping the community one bike at a time. Bike Bakersfield wants to make sure the community can get around without shelling out a lot of cash.


Ronnie Dyer has 12 hours left, “it doesn't matter what you are working on," said Dyer a volunteer with Bike Bakersfield. Until he can take home a bike. But not just any bike, Dyer is in a wheelchair and needs one he can maneuver with his hands. “It is an invaluable opportunity absolutely, without this organization I definitely would’t have been able to afford a bike of this caliber, these bikes run well into the thousands," said Dyer.


That's where Bike Bakersfield comes in. They have a program allowing people to volunteer 20 hours of their time in exchange for a bike of their own. Dyer is also a student at Bakersfield College and having a bike could only help him. “It could definitely be my mode of transportation around campus which is definitely a plus," said Dyer.


For the past 12 years Bike Bakersfield has helped those who want to own their very own bike but can't afford it. “At Bike Bakersfield we have a volunteer program called Recycle a Bike where someone can come volunteer for 20 hours and receive a bike," said Jack Becker, program manager for Bike Bakersfield.


For Dyer getting a new bike doesn't just mean an easier way of getting around campus, but might make a huge difference in his life.  “Just keeping myself fit, BC is a hilly campus, every opportunity I can to stay fit can definitely help propel me into the future," said Dyer.


With Dyer's remaining hours he will help Bike Bakersfield service the bikes that roll through the shop. Counting down the hours until he will have a bike of his own.