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Blocks for the brave; women come together to make quilts for veterans

Posted: 11:22 PM, Nov 07, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-08 07:22:16Z

Every Tuesday several women meet at Thimble Towne, a quilting shop in Bakersfield.

Blocks for the brave is what they call themselves, they come together to hand make quilts for veterans.

Dyna Hall, a military wife, mom and daughter has been apart of operation blocks for the brave since 2008 when her husband was stationed in Long Beach.

After living in Long Beach for six months, Hall and her husband moved to Bakersfield.

Dyna wanted to continue making quilts for veterans, she started a group here in Bakersfield to make even more quilts.

"It's made a huge difference in their lives, it lets them known that there are people that care," said Dyna. "You know the quilts are made to give warmth and comfort when they are down and out hurting you know psychologically, emotionally." 

The ladies say that these quilts become something special to veterans who receive them.

"We make them to give them comfort so these are more like a heirloom type quilts that are made to last them a life time."

Dyna says the quilt was comforting for one veteran fighting PTSD.

"When he received that quilt it did more for him than any doctor, and psychologist or nurse. Knowing that came from someone who just wants to give back," said Dyna Hall.

Giving back is exactly what the women are doing with each and every quilt they are making.