BPD: Giumarra likely used his cell phone after deadly crash; search warrants sought

Posted at 1:06 PM, Jun 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-27 16:06:53-04

A Bakersfield Police officer investigating the deadly crash involving a man from a prominent business family is now asking that cell phone records be searched.

In January, John Giumarra III allegedly hit and killed 32-year-old Angela Holder, who was riding a bike in the area of Golden State Avenue and F Street. 

Police found that Giumarra was under the influence. An empty bottle of vodka was also found in Giumarra's backseat. 

The police officer who was investigating says he believes enough time "elapsed between the collision and when John Giumarra was contacted by officers that possible electronic communications related to the collision and John Giumarra's eventual flight from the scene were sent and received by the cellular telephone in John Giumarra's possession. 

In court documents, the officer went on to state, "I believe this to be vital evidence to show that John Giumarra purposefully fled the scene of the collision."

The officer stated that he contacted a wireless company, asking for confirmation that they had phone records, which include phone numbers, calls, dates, times and text messages. The company confirmed it did and would provide that information upon the service of a search warrant. 

The officer has requested a search warrant be issued to obtain those phone records.