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Bakersfield Police Department releases list of those arrested in 'Operation Deep South'

Posted at 10:20 AM, Dec 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-18 17:10:23-05
    BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — 
  • UPDATE: The Bakersfield Police Department has released a partial list of those arrested during Operation Deep South and the charges they face:
  • Bates, Joseph (age 30)- Federal Firearms Charges
  • Browne, Clayton (age 28)- Narcotics Sales/ Conspiracy
  • Burton, Jirunique (age 19)- Organized Retail Theft/ Conspiracy/ Gang
  • Coleman, Datreyon (age 18)- Assault with a Deadly Weapon/ Attempted Murder/ Gang
  • Earnest, Whitney (age 32)- Organized Retail Theft/ Conspiracy/ Gang
  • Fuller, Rochelle (age 47)- Accessory to a Crime/ Gang
  • Gonzalez, Diana (age 30)- Prostitution
  • Hammond, Darnell (age 23)- Organized Retail Theft/ Conspiracy/ Gang
  • Herron, Jimil (age 28)- Assault with a Deadly Weapon/ Attempted Murder/ Gang (Arrested in Sacramento/ transported back to Bakersfield)
  • Jackson, William (age 29)- Accessory to a Crime/ Gang
  • Johnson, Lacoroa (age 36)- Organized Retail Theft/ Conspiracy/ Gang
  • Kimber, Tyrell (age 23) Burglary/ Illegal Firearms Possession/ Gang
  • Lee, Robert (age 34)- Burglary (Las Vegas)
  • Mays, Jerron (age 36)- Parole Violation
  • Newell, Adolphus (age 23)- Burglary/ Firearms Possession (Oregon)
  • Randle, Franklin (age 26)- Assault with a Deadly Weapon/ Attempted Murder/ Gang
  • Ray, Jacob (age 20)- Burglary (Las Vegas)
  • Roberson, Jerome (age 32)- Federal Prostitution Charges
  • Robinson, Tyrese (age 20)- Illegal Firearms Possession/ Gang
  • Scott, Stephanie (age 24)- Possession of Stolen Property
  • Simpkins, Preanna (age 28)- Accessory to a Crime
  • Stocker, Tanarri (age 35)- Illegal Firearms Possession
  • Tanner, Carnell (age 23)- Accessory to a Crime/ Gang/ Organized Retail Theft
  • Thomas, Miasha (age 21)- Burglary/ Gang (Las Vegas)
  • Walker, Richard (age 40)- Assault with a Deadly Weapon/ Attempted Murder/ Gang (Arrested in Yuca Valley/ transported back to Bakersfield)
  • Williams, China (age 27) Organized Retail Theft/ Gang/ Conspiracy

In a press conference held Monday, Chief Lyle Martin of the Bakersfield Police Department announced the results of an investigation targeting one of the oldest and most violent gangs in Kern County.

According to Martin, the Country Boy Crips have been involved as either suspects or victims in 56 shootings since 2016.

The investigation targeted the gang using resources from the BPD, the Kern County Sheriff's Office, the California Department of Justice, the Kern County District Attorney's Office and over 100 FBI personnel.

The months-long investigation culminated in Operation Deep South, which took place during the early morning hours on Tuesday. During the operation, 18 search warrants and 26 arrest warrants were executed leading to 35 arrests. In addition, 15 illegal firearms and 3 assault weapons were seized along with an unspecified amount of narcotics. The operation also resulted in the disruption of an on-going theft ring and several shootings were prevented during the course of the investigation.

Two individuals were arrested on federal felony charges connected to firearms and prostitution.

Martin encouraged gang members to get out of the gang life, that there were avenues available to them. However, Martin said those that choose to remain face the fact that authorities will use "every resource that we can to investigate, arrest and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law because our grandparents, our parents, our children, and our grandchildren demand it. And we are going to do it day in and day out."