Cal Fire inspections are coming to Kern County residents

Posted at 5:39 PM, May 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-09 20:47:29-04
The deadline is getting closer for having your property cleared of dry brush and debris for the risk of wildfires.  After the deadly Erskine fire last year, 23ABC’s Adam Bowles went to Lake Isabella today to show you how to protect your home before the fire inspections arrive.
This week is wildfire awareness week, which is time for inspections from Cal Fire to see if your property is safe from a potential fire. Jason Knaggs, the Captain of Kern County Fire has the details.
"We're getting ready for fire season," Knaggs says.  We're always ready because fires can happen at any time.  We have already had several wildfires. But, defensible space is what we are talking about and that needs to be done by June 1st."
This is the deadline to make sure your property is a fire safe zone before inspections start happening.  Mike Brilhante knows what that means after protecting this cabin home from the Erskine fire last year which was less than a mile away!
"Have the weeds knocked down, any brush that would be up that would take fire," Brilhante says.  "Tree limbs that are hanging down need to be trimmed.  Whatever would be that if there was a fire, you don’t want it to spread to much."
If you are elderly or disabled and can’t do it on your own, Mike says you have help to clean up for you.
"Were also on the fireman’s list," Mike says.  "People use that list to call and they send that list out for people that need help with their property and their fire breaks done."
If you are worried about strangers entering your property, Mike says there is no need to worry.
"A lot of the places are open,"  Mike says. "So they can drive up to the street and just look to see if you got your trees trimmed and trees not laying on the roof and your weeds cut down so they are not all over the place that would cause a fire."
Remember, the deadline is June 1st before the inspections!