California City girl honored by city officials for helping bus driver with medical emergency

Addison Hutchinson received several awards

CALIFORNIA CITY, Calif. - The California City fourth grader who was called a hero after helping her bus driver during a medical emergency earlier this month was honored by city officials on Tuesday.

Addison Hutchinson, who is Little Miss Antelope Valley 2017, was riding the bus home from school on Nov. 13 when her bus driver suddenly became ill and slumped over the wheel.

Hutchinson, 9, was called a hero after she called 911 and stayed with her bus driver until emergency personnel arrived. 

On Nov. 28, Hutchinson received several awards at the California City council meeting on Nov. 28. Those awards included recognition from Assemblyman Tom Lackey and County Supervisor Zach Scrivner.

The awards didn't stop there: November 28, 2017 was deemed "Addison Hutchinson Day" by California City Mayor Jennifer Wood.

California City Chief of Police, Eric Hurtado, also presented nine-year-old Hutchinson with a horse necklace, and a local Baptist church provided her with a scholarship to a kids camp, Camp Ironwood.

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