Traffic slowed at M Street, Highway 178

Posted at 8:22 AM, May 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-26 14:19:30-04

One lane of traffic has been shut down on Highway 178 at M Street due to a crash Thursday morning. 

According to the California Highway Patrol, a car went down an embankment in the area just before 8 a.m.

It's not known if anyone was hurt.


UPDATE 11:08 A.M.:

According to the driver, Marjon Francisco, he was driving east on highway 178 near M street when his steering wheel locked up. 

He lost control of his car crashing into the embankment.

"I tried to turn my wheel but instead of turning it just kept going straight.  It happened so fast I couldn't hit my brakes or anything.  I panicked I guess you can say," he said.

Luckily he was able to walk away with no injuries.