Coaches and kids battle triple digit heat during summer sports camps in Kern County

Posted at 5:29 PM, Jun 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-22 14:07:38-04

Sports camps are were in full swing throughout Kern County today, despite the rising temperatures. 

"Last week we got extremely lucky with the 80s, it felt great, the kids could run all day. This week is definitely different," said James Garces, assistant coach for the men's soccer team at Cal State Bakersfield. 

With the sun out and not a cloud in the sky, coaches decided to make water and shade breaks mandatory for participants. 

Five year old Gabriel Aguirre, 5, sat down in between drills for a snack, "because coach said."

"They're definitely keeping the kids hydrated," said Gabriel's dad Alexander Aguirre.

Some of the kids at the soccer camp who were taking part were reluctant to the water breaks because they wanted to keep playing, but coaches would tell them to at least go swish some water around in their mouths to cool off. 

Across campus at the baseball field, it was the same story. 

"We force the breaks. Sometimes they don't want to do it, but they're tough kids, they want to play ball the whole time we're out here, but we make sure they get inside and take the proper breaks they need," said Jeremy Beard, assistant coach of the men's baseball team at CSUB. 

Parents too, said they had their concerns before sending their kids out to camp and did everything they could to keep their kids prepared to play in the heat. 

"We packed him fruit snacks, grapes, water, Gatorade and chips," said Aguirre.

Other parents said they were sure to pack lots of water and sports drinks for their kids and themselves because they were sitting in the sun.

Even though the heat wave has Kern County at above average temperatures, the kids didn't let it ruin their camps. 

"It's been awesome," said Logan Moore. 

CSUB Soccer and Baseball camp continues throughout the rest of the week coaches are reminding parents to try their best to keep the kids hydrated before they head out to the camp and send plenty of water for during the camp.

CSUB Baseball still has a variety of camps throughout the upcoming weeks. Fore more information about those camps click here.