Dangerous Weedpatch roadway fixed Tuesday

Posted at 5:39 PM, Jul 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-02 22:25:47-04

Caltrans crews were in Weedpatch Tuesday morning adding two new stop signs, creating a four-way stop at a deadly community intersection. 

Sunset Boulevard currently has stop signs going north and south at Highway 184, but for the last two and a half years local community members have been fighting for a four-way stop. 

The intersection has been the scene of deadly crashes in the past, with community members and lawmakers calling on state officials to make changes over the years. 

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Local supporters were standing at the corner of the intersection Tuesday morning, waiting to see the new stop signs go up. 

"We are really, really happy that this is finally happening, you know. It's a true blessing for our community and we're glad that they finally listened and they're showing that they care," said Vivian Ramirez, a parent and school board member at Vineland School District.

Matthew Ross, the superintendent of Vineland School District and one of the key advocates for the four-way stop, was also standing by, he said the wait for the stop signs was "worth it." 

"Two and a half years fighting this crusade to get us the control measures and now, it's about to come to an end with the greatest outcome that we could've imagined," said Ross. 

Assembly Member Rudy Salas, has also been fighting alongside Ross, introducing legislation to the assembly, in hopes of making sure the intersection was as safe as possible for the community.

"When you keep hearing about repeated accidents and repeated near misses at this intersection, we knew something had to be done," said Assembly Member Salas. 

Assembly Member Salas said the main goal was to make a change was made before the school year started -- which is Wednesday. 

"This is a good safety measure that we're putting in to protect the community and protect the school and people and the children in that area," said Salas.

Caltrans said this process has been ongoing for the past year, first with signage around the area, then LED lights installed in December of 2015 and now the stop signs. However, the final project is only in the early preliminary stages. 

"The ultimate, big picture item is to hopefully get a roundabout put in this area that way it will eliminate the need for the stop signs altogether and no need to worry about traffic needing to cross one another either," said Christian Lukens, Caltran's public information officer. 

Caltrans officials said they have been tweeting and posting to social media to alert the public of the new stop signs. 

Ross said the school district will also be sending out an all-call to parents, alerting them about the new stop signs before Wednesday, which is the first day of school.