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Delano business owners embrace revenue from rain

Rain impacts local business
Posted at 11:35 PM, Mar 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-22 02:35:10-04

Even though conditions are dreary and wet outside people in Delano are putting a different spin on the way they see the forecast.
"I'm really glad to see the rain," Dollar Mart owner Khled Saleh said.
Slaeh, has lived in Delano for over two decades and rain or shine he spends most of his time in his Dollar Mart store, serving his neighbors who are on the go in the rain. However, he knows what’s happening outside is exactly what his community needs.
"We count just in the rain, mean the more rain, the more agriculture will be working and the local people they will work," Saleh said.
According to Saleh most of his customers work in the agricultural industry, since those jobs are the most readily available in Delano, and the rain insures business for everyone, "Whenever they go to work in the field that means that we are going to work here at the business. I mean they will come and spend their money and we will make a good business."
Several other Delano businesses are also enjoying the financial impact of the rain.
"We've been pretty busy the rain hasn't stopped us from getting customers, usually we get more customers when it's raining," Charros Famos Fish Tacos employee Cecilia Lara said.
Overall locals are looking forward to the rain and revenue, "And everyone benefits," Saleh concluded.