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Delano Police Department continues to push to end gun violence through probation sweeps

Posted at 10:05 PM, Oct 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-30 01:16:19-04

BAKERSFIELD,Calif. — Tuesday, the Delano Police department along with several other neighboring agencies totaling 70 officers, teamed up and conducted a Probation and Complaint Search Operation.

This went underway to further their efforts in reducing gun violence and any other illegal activity, amid an uptick in violent crime.

"So [a person] had paraphernalia and such so they are probably going to write up some kind of probation parole on him," said Sgt. Mario Nunez of the Delano Police Department during the operation.

The core searched 68 residences throughout Delano and have made a dozen arrests of individuals in violation of their parole.

23ABC is told there will be additional arrests for individuals who weren’t home but illegal items were found in their possessions.

The Delano Chief of Police, Robert Nevarez, confirmed that they were able to take Meth, Marijuana, two firearms, and one replica gun off of the streets of Delano.

"Ten pounds of Methamphetamine, that’s a lot of dope that gets a lot of people high," said Nevarez. "And those drugs with no doubt were intended for our streets."

The Delano Police Department says that they randomly conduct these operations. Also, they are using this service in conjunction with the Gun Violence Operation that the department launched last week.

The Gun Violence Operation is a response to the last four back-to-back homicides caused by shootings that remain unsolved.

"These suspects [from today's findings] are not responsible for the murders, with that being said we do believe that a lot of the violence is related to gang activity," Nevarez said. "Those responsible for drug trafficking often fund themselves through illicit activity, drug sales. Even though it's not directly connected we do think it's associated with it."

DPD says that they found over $4000 during the past five days with the sweep.

Also, this is to be a message to the community that this activity will not be tolerated.

DPD says they will continue to conduct these unannounced searches and want to remind the community if they have any information on the recent homicides to call their department at 721-3377.