Court docs: Connell believes he killed parents

Posted at 5:31 PM, May 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-10 20:31:31-04
'I believe I killed my parents'.
Thousands of words fill the 124 pages in the double murder case against Derek Connell, but those six words may have the biggest impact.
Connell is accused of killing Christopher and Kim Higginbotham at their home on Lily Pad Ct. on April 30th.
Both were found dead in the home with gunshot wounds.
Reports say Connell Facetimed his aunt in Scotland to show her the dead bodies.
Police documents show that Connell tried to clean around his father's body with bleach before attempting to leave the home when officers arrived. 
The report shows that Connell told investigators when he arrived at home, he found them dead, saying he knew that he would get blamed for their deaths and go to jail.
Investigators say that his story changed several times throughout the interviewing process.
It wasn't until they talked to Connell two days later that he started to take blame for the crime.
Connell told investigators, 'I think, I mean I know I did it. I think i did it. I know I did it. I had to have done it; there was no one else in the house'. 
Connell says that he cannot picture how it happened but told investigators it happened, 'because of my drinking'. 
The report ends with Connell saying he believes he did it but doesn't know how and that he would tell his parents '" love them' if they were with him right now.
Connell is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow for his arraignment. 23ABC learned last week that it is a possibility that Connell could face the death penalty.