Kern Co. DA: OIS near the Padre justified

Posted at 7:22 PM, Apr 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-08 23:03:14-04

The investigation surrounding the fatal officer involved shooting last year near the Padre in downtown Bakersfield is now complete. The Kern County District Attorney's office says the shooting was justified.

It all started after a fight outside of two popular restaurants.

"Police were called and when the police arrived some of the people started to run that were involved,” said Scott J. Spielman, Assistant District Attorney

Officer John Bishop of the Bakersfield Police Department began to chase Hugo Celio, the man witnesses said started the fight. Hotel security also warned police that Celio was carrying a firearm

During that foot chase, Bishop told Celio to stop several times but Celio continued to run.

Celio ran around the Downtown Deli and cut through an alley on Wall Street, he then attempted to shoot Bishop.

"As he was running he fell down in the alley way and as the officer approached him within about 10 feet, the suspect had a gun, pointed it at the officer and then shot at the officer" said Scott J. Spielman, Assistant District Attorney.

However, Celio's shot missed Bishop and the report says Bishop had no other choice than to pull out his weapon.  That’s when he fired two shots, killing Celio.

Any officer involved shooting resulting in injury or death must be investigated and reviewed by the district attorney's office. And after five months Spielman and his team ruled the shooting was justified.

"After evaluating all the facts and circumstances of this case we determined the shooting to be justified,” said Scott J. Spielman, Assistant District Attorney. 

Officer Bishop was placed on administrative leave until the shooting review was finished.He has now returned back to work.

The Bakersfield Police Department released this statement in regards to the investigation:

“We are extremely happy that neither the officers nor any innocent bystanders were injured during this incident.  Having the Kern County District Attorney’s Office oversee our investigation and come to the same conclusion gives us confidence in our process.  We thank all those that came forward to provide information in this case and appreciate the community’s support during the investigation.”