Delano HS District holds meeting about Perigo

Posted at 5:17 PM, Mar 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-31 20:19:05-04

The Delano Joint Union High School District Board of Trustees held a closed door meeting this morning in response to last week's allegations that Delano High School Student Affairs Specialist Bobby Scott Perigo had sexual relations with an underage high school student.

Noticeably missing from the meeting was Perigo's mother Anna, who is the clerk for the board. There was no comment on her absence from the meeting or the perigo situation.
Last Thursday, police arrested Perigo and Juan Brito after questioning both about a sexual relationship between Perigo and a minor.
Perigo appeared in court on Monday in Delano and police reports show that Perigo admitted to having the sexual relationship with the student, citing his struggling marriage of just three months and the student's affection towards him as reasons for the relationship.
Police reports also detail Brito's involvement in the relationship.
The minor identified Brito as a Delano High School counselor and said that he knew about her relationship with Perigo.
Police reports say that Brito denied knowing that they were in a relationship, but Perigo says Brito is the one who set the relationship motion by telling the girl that Perigo was attracted to her. 
Delano police also say Brito changed his story several times during interview sessions. They say he lied to investigators about a meeting he had with the teen victims telling the girls to get their stories straight before charges were filed.
According to the report, Brito told the Perigo to delete messages that proved he was in a relationship.