ABC projects Donald Trump as NY primary winner

Posted at 6:25 PM, Apr 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-19 21:27:02-04

It was a big day in the big apple as voters hit the polls for the New York primary. 

Front runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both shooting for wins to further distance themselves from their opponents. 

ABC News reports the first exit polls project Donald Trump as the New York republican primary winner. 

Hillary Clinton last night told supporters she hoped to solidify the nomination with a win in NY today. Clinton, along with Former President Bill Clinton casted their votes at an elementary school in New York. 

Meanwhile, Bernie sanders is hoping for voter turn out to bump him up in the race. He walked the streets of mid-town Manhattan today and talked to supporters. 

Sanders is hoping to add to his winning streak tonight after winning eight of the last nine contests. 

At a rally in Pennsylvania Tuesday night, Sanders hinted he was confident about his chances of winning in New York. 

"Now I don't want you to tell anybody this," said Sanders. "But Secretary Clinton is getting a little bit nervous."

On the Republican side, Donald Trump went to vote today while recovering from a slip up Monday night when he called the 9-11 terrorist attacks the 7-Eleven terrorist attacks. 

Meanwhile Ted Cruz and John Kasich were already campaigning in Maryland and Pennsylvania.