Residents react to drug bust near Bessie Owens

Posted at 2:36 PM, Jan 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-29 21:45:42-05

Drugs, guns and cash were all found inside of a home in East Bakersfield yesterday.

Police entered a home in the 900 block of Eureka Street to conduct a search of Jose Navarro per the terms of his prohibition.


KCSO arrests man after they found meth, marijuana and firearm in East Bakersfield

They found a stolen and loaded gun, meth, marijuana and several hundred dollars in cash inside --- And they all belonged to Navarro.

Although this incident happened after school hours – it was alarming for many parents to know that this kind of activity happens in their child’s school zone. 

“I don’t think anybody likes it, I mean our kids going to school right there, drug bust right here, right across the street," says Rudy Guerrero

Sylvia Hawkins says the recent news  concerns her around children, around weapons and drugs.

The principal at Owens intermediate was informed of the drug bust and has released this statement:

“Our students and staff are well prepared for any event that may occur in the community that may affect the instructional day or threaten our safety here at Owens Intermediate.

We recognize that we live in a time where safety must be and is our chief priority. 

Our school is a safe place for our students to learn. 

We love our community and our students and families that come from this community as well as the students and families of those who are transported here everyday to take advantage of our excellent academic and Magnet programs.”

Navarro was booked and is sitting in Kern County jail – he’s being held on a seventy-two thousand dollar bail.