Flooding in Lamont hits church twice in one month

Posted at 6:15 PM, Feb 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-20 21:15:55-05
The flooding waters have returned here in Lamont on Mountain View Road and with the water going down a huge mess is left in its place with plenty of mud and closed road signs. Construction has started to clear out this neighborhood of the mess but residents say they are still seeing the negative effects from this weekend's storms. 
Alfred Gutierrez, neighborhood resident:
"Thick mud out here about six inches twelve inches of mud out here. We got stranded we couldn't go anywhere as far as using the cars using the road. We had a lot of looky loos come through here and just cause a lot of waves. You know water splashing in our lawns and making a big mess."
Just down the road, the Centro Hispano Lamont Church has seen flooding for the second time in the same month. I talk to Paster Zenn to see how he is feeling after round two. 
Zenn Monzon, Pastor:
"Wow! I cant believe it. Twice in less than a month!  (Laughs) We have been praying and praying and praying lord send rain lord send rain. My wife tells me honey when we pray we perhaps need to be more specific (laughs)"
With a light hearted spirit, this flood isn't stopping him trying to get service back in session. 
"The company here I assume will help out but I also have a pool pump in my home. So you put the pump inside and you set it in motion to do its job. And that's what Ill be doing again."
Lamont has not gotten as much flooding as it did earlier this month but with these latest storms and more rain on the way, residents here have a big job ahead with clean up. In Lamont, Adam Bowles 23ABC.