Flooding rains bring concern for wheat prices

Posted at 9:11 PM, Jan 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-17 00:11:07-05

A word to describe January.....WET!  Some areas received over a foot of rainfall from the recent storms which led to car evacuations from flooded roadways, mud and rockslides, and broken roadways that caused a headache for travelers.  All over California, the Atmospheric River raised awareness for flooding and the rising waters crept up the idea that our crops could be damaged due to flooding.

Having a high agricultural industry, crop growers showed signs of concern.  But, farmers weren't the only one that needed to be concerned.  Lost crops from the recent floods brought concern of rising prices in grocery stores.  One crop that was a threat.....Wheat.  Wheat is a vital source needed to make food like bagels, bread, and even delicious pizza.  

I talked to the California Wheat Commission, and their records show that most of the wheat crops in the San Joaquin Valley has not been flooded, and even absorbed most of the water.  The main threat would be the quality of the wheat, because flooding for long periods of time could cause the crop to rot and reduce quality of the plant.  But, the price spike is not a concern due to the main wheat industry being based out of the Central US.

Even with the wet month and more rain in the forecast, crop growers are seeing this as a much needed blessing.  The much needed rain was absorbed in the soil with the salts in the soil helping the crop nourish all of the moisture.

With the brunt, of the rain hitting to the North and more rain in the forecast, grocery prices are keeping steady on wheat and vital crops and most farmers have rejoiced in the much needed rainfall.  This has been Adam Bowles 23ABC.