Glass Ban on Kern River, Lake Isabella

Posted at 4:23 PM, May 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-16 19:23:28-04

The U.S Forest Service's ban on glass beverage and food containers goes into effect today along all shorelines of Lake Isabella, the Upper and Lower Kern Rivers, and 500 feet surrounding Johnsondale Bridge.

Along the shorelines of the Kern River and Isabella Lake, broken glass has been a hazard and an eyesore for many years.  Broken glass can be tough to pick up, can be unsightly, and can cause injury to people and animals.  Volunteers and recreation staff have spent considerable time carefully removing sharp glass shards from campgrounds and shorelines and sifting through fire pits for pieces of broken glass bottles.

“We appreciate the incredible amount of public support for this much-needed glass prohibition,” stated District Recreation Officer Tricia Maki.  She continued, “Through our outreach, however, we did hear that this change may pose an inconvenience to some people.  We are available to help anyone with concerns about the glass prohibition by offering ideas for alternative products that may be used and brought to the river and lake.” 

The new glass ban is another way the Kern River Ranger District will continue to improve the recreation experience for visitors to our beautiful Wild and Scenic Kern River and the shorelines of Lake Isabella.