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Former officer claims corruption within BPD

Posted at 1:13 AM, Oct 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-02 04:13:28-04

"I made an allegation and because I did that I have now been on administrative leave for 7 months," said former Bakersfield Police Officer Chris Messick.

On September 29th former Bakersfield Police Officer Chris Messick uploaded a video to Facebook, claiming corruption within the Bakersfield Police Department. Since then that video has been viewed more than 15,000 times. 

In the video, Messick claims he has proof that two captains violated the "peace officer's bill of rights", a law passed to offer due process to officers during any investigation relating to actions they took while on duty.

Messick claims hours after he reported these actions he was reprimanded for it and placed on leave.

Messick claims the department told him the reason he was being placed on leave was for speeding through a red light while following a car on duty.

"Me and a retired lieutenant were talking to other day and I was like if I would have never filed that grievances I would be at work right now. I would be in a patrol car right now,” said Messick.

Meesick was hired by BPD in August of 2009.

He was shot in the leg during an officer involved shooting while responding to reports of shots fired and a fight at a party in central Bakersfield in November 2010.

He was later awarded the Division Commander Commendation in December of 2011 for his actions during that shooting.

BPD says they cannot comment on why Messick was placed on leave, but the department says he was let go at the end of last week.

In a statement released by BPD Monday, Chief Lyle Martin has now ordered an investigation into Messick’s allegations.

Saying in part, “I stand with the men and women of the Bakersfield police department… and all officers are expected and required to immediately report any misconduct to their supervisors or to internal affairs.”

Chief Martin says Messick’s allegations will be investigated by internal affairs and criminal investigators and will forward the results to the Kern County District Attorney for review.

Messick says that this video is his way of standing up for the officers who have been treated the same way as him.

"This isn't something that I just did because they did it to me so I'm doing it back to them. I have been wanting to do this for a very long time and I reported this stuff to an agency a long time ago," said Messick.