Friends remember Rosamond teen who was accidentally shot

Posted at 4:23 PM, Sep 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-10 19:23:41-04
Friends and family are mourning the loss of a 14-year-old Rosamond boy who lost his life while holding a shotgun.
"Everybody knew him. Everybody knew ManMan," said Ikea Claiborne, friend of the late teen.
14-year-old Al McCraig, best known as 'ManMan,' was as a positive teen who always had a smile on his face.
"Always in a good mood, always happy," said Claiborne.
Friend, Hannah Roberts, described him as, "the one that was always having fun."
McCraig was a freshman at Rosamond High School, a place where he was well-liked by everyone. 
"Everybody knew him. His favorite color was blue. He wasn't in any gangs or nothing. He was a good person," said Roberts.
That's also where he was starting to excel in football. He was a running back for the JV team. 
"He was really good, actually. He was one of the best on the JV team," said Roberts.
"Very passionate about football. That's what he really liked to do. It seemed like that's really where he wanted to go in life," said Claiborne.
But Thursday afternoon, The Kern County Sheriff's Office said the teen was found inside his home with a gunshot wound to the chest.  
They said he was holding a shotgun, it went off  and he shot himself. They believe this shooting was an accident. McCgraig later died at the hospital.
"Long live man man we want to live him on," said Claiborne.
His friends keeping his memory alive with a smile, a laugh and even a phrase of victory he made up for football games. 
"Meat squad is I guess something we do when the other team - when we score a point. So we like, "meat," you thought you had the ball but you don't," said Claiborne.
Rosamond High School is planning a fundraiser for the family at the JV football game next Thursday as well as a memorial service.