House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's speech for Tuesday night's Republican National Convention

Posted at 5:39 PM, Jul 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-19 20:50:39-04

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of the 23rd District of California shared his speech for Tuesday night's Republican National Convention with 23ABC News.

Read the full transcript below:

Thank you.
We have listened and you have told us --- ENOUGH.
ENOUGH of feeling like your government is ignoring you.
ENOUGH of Washington bailouts and handouts.
ENOUGH of feeling less safe and less secure in a more dangerous world where the bad guys are winning and the good guys are losing.
But I have good news -- in just one hundred and twelve days --- it’s over.  
In this election the stakes have never been higher.
Do we settle for the path we are on?
Or do we take a better way?
Republicans believe that families who work hard should get ahead.
Republicans believe in an America that isn’t divided by race --- religion --- or gender.
Republicans believe that America only works if we put your interests above the special interests. 
But that’s not what has happened over the past eight years.
For eight years we have had a President who promised us so much but delivered so little.
The lies we were told about Obamacare.
The destruction of jobs and entire industries.
The empowerment of Iran and the rise of ISIS.
Republicans have a better way. We have a plan to fix it. 
In our Republican agenda --- our enemies will fear us.
Our taxes will be fairer.
People can afford the health care they want.
The people’s voice will be heard.
Government will help those who truly need it and allow everyone an opportunity to rise.
So to all those left behind by economic forces out of your control --- we hear you.
To those attacked for your beliefs --- we hear you.
To a nation that sees chaos spreading across America and across the globe --- we hear you. 
And for our men and women in uniform --- we hear you. As a matter of principle you will have the very best America has to offer. Those who fought on the front lines should NEVER have to wait in line. 
There is a better way.
But this Republican agenda can only be realized if we disrupt the status quo.
And lets face it -- Hillary Clinton is the definition of the status quo.
We need a leader who shapes the future.  
The Democrats won’t bring that future because they are stuck in the past.
When innovation has brought more power to the people --- Democrats want more power for Washington.
When innovation creates technological advancements --- Hillary Clinton uses them to put American secrets at risk. 
This is not the path for our country.
In these difficult times I remember the words of President Ronald Reagan when he described America as that shining city upon the hill. 
Together --- by electing a Republican Congress --- Donald Trump --- and Mike Pence. We can build a better America and make that shining city upon the hill bright again. 
Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America.