KCFD issues citations lacking fire hazard reductions

Posted at 5:43 PM, Jun 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-02 20:44:56-04
The fire hazard reduction deadline has passed, and now the Kern County Fire Department is inspecting homes to see if they're safe. With wildfire season in full swing, 23ABC’s Adam Bowles got the chance to ride along with crews in Stallion Springs to see the inspection process.
It is a good thing the fire department is out too.  This morning there was a grass fire near golden hills which was caused by a metallic balloon hitting a power line. KCFD says the fire was put out quickly near a resident’s home because of one important thing.
"The reason this grass fire here stayed as small as it did, is this resident here on Courtland actually had done their hazard reduction, and with their hazard reduction, the fire moved very slow and gave us time," Jason Schillinger says.  "So the reason why this is so small is because this individual did their work they were supposed to by June 1st."  
And there are some people who haven’t done the required work like one house KCFD showed 23ABC. Overgrown dry grass to your knees right next to the door step, wooden boards scattered everywhere, piles of timber, all which add up to dangerous fire conditions, and hefty fines.
"Violation is a $500 citation," Schillinger says.  "and after that they get a window to try to correct it and if they don't they can be issued another citation on top of that which would be another violation of $1000."
John Miller, a Stallion Springs resident, doesn't have to worry about that danger or even that huge fine because he has done his work to make his home fire safe.
"No fine," John Miller says.  " The county has given you a mandate of June 1st and if your in compliant you don't have to look for that little ticket in the mail or the nasty gram sent to you."  
But money isn't the only thing to care about.
"More importantly if a fire rolls through here and you haven't completed the perimeter around your home, you could lose your house,"  Miller says.
If you are worried that your house isn't in compliance, you can go to for a list of rules and guidelines to make sure your house is fire ready.