Kern County Health Dept. helping NW Bakersfield Arby's amid recent closures

Posted at 2:22 PM, Jul 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-07 17:24:55-04

Following another closure of the Arby's on Rosedale Highway, Kern County Health crews have been working with the restaurant and management to help facilitate its reopening, county officials said Thursday.

According to the latest information from an inspection, officials found more rodent droppings on the floor, and boxes of soda syrup. Inspectors said the facility failed to demonstrate basic food safety principals and sanitation. 
The same Arby's location at 8290 Rosedale Highway was closed on June 19th. Inspectors say they found rat droppings on food contact surfaces, cabinet shelves and dry storage areas. 
Arby's was given a 69% score on the latest inspection.

Director of Kern County Public Health Matt Constantine said his department has been meeting with restaurant management and corporate officials and has recommended a series of changes, including better management practices, food safety plans, and recommending a pest control company to help the establishment earn its health permit back.

"When they're able to present all that information to us, we will reevaluate it and if we believe it's safe for the store to reopen, then we'll issue the permit back," Constantine said. "But until that time, they remain closed."

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