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Kernville gears up for the start of tourism season

Kernville, Calif.
Posted at 4:26 PM, May 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-28 19:27:19-04

KERNVILLE, Calif. (KERO) — Memorial Day weekend is around the corner and one town in Kern County has caught the eye of a celebrity when it comes to tourism.

Kern County’s very own Kernville has received the Oprah Winfrey stamp of approval, according to the Oprah Daily website, and she’s not alone.

The Kern County Chamber of Commerce says that starting Memorial Day, tourist season begins in the Kern River Valley, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors all the way through Labor Day.

“These businesses thrive off of the tourism season,” said Orion Sanders, president of the Kernville Chamber of Commerce. “So come up and enjoy them, visit us and have a great time.”

Sanders says last Memorial Day, the riverside town of 700 people attracted 200 times the normal amount of tourists. With other attractions like amusement parks reopening, unlike last season, he doesn’t see is being as packed this year. But there’s still a list of fun activities for those who come out.

“We congregate a lot around the parks, right? So riverside park is very popular for fishing, for just relaxing and picnicking with your family,” he said. “There are several different [areas] up the river where you can pull off.”

Sanders also said this weekend the Kern Rodeo Association is putting on the Junior High Rodeo Saturday and Sunday. The event will take place at the McNally Arena and is free to all.

Kernville isn’t just a favored watering hole for its aquatic activities, but also for the beer they brew. Award-winning Kern River Brewing Company has been in Kernville for 15 years. Co-owner Eric Giddens says he enjoys seeing visitors from different walks of life come in to enjoy their two breweries.

“To be able to make the beer here on site and turn it from grain into something from the glass is a really unique experience,” Giddens said. “People enjoy that. They get to see the tanks and sometimes they see people brewing. It’s part of the attraction of the valley.”

If you plan on visiting this local treasure located on the northeast end of the county, just make sure you’re mindful of the campsites campfire restrictions and make sure if you pack it in, you pack it out when it comes to trash.