Local school districts prepare for the first day of school

KHSD and BCSD start school August 17th
Posted at 3:43 PM, Aug 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-10 21:00:30-04

The auditorium at Sequoia Middle School was packed Wednesday, full of first-time Bakersfield City School District teachers.

All of them gathered as they make final preparations before students show up to school next Wednesday. 

"I'm just processing all the things that I'll be doing from how I'll greet my students to what seating chart I'll use," said Carlos Royal, who will start as a math and science teacher at Stern Middle School next Wednesday. 

Meanwhile, first time teachers were filled with nervous, excitement as they anticipated a class of their own.

"It's going to be hectic," said Alexander Salem, he will teach history and physical eduation at Sequoia Middle School. "The kids are going to go crazy, we're going to have kids going in and out, changing schools, changing cities, all kinds of things."

Across town at East High leadership students were busy making posters for the first day of school, a tradition there. 

"Once you see the posters in the hallway you feel welcome, you feel like you're back home because our posters are us," said student body president Karen Quezada. 

Meanwhile, custodians have been working to beautify all of the Kern High School District schools, work that has been going on all summer long. 

"We're talking hundreds and hundreds of hours," said Carlos Monzon, the custodial plant supervisor. "It takes a lot to keep a 75-plus year school going."

Monzon said they have to deep clean all of the rooms, strip and wax the floors, replace burned out lights and take care of work orders. 

As the students hang the welcome signs and teachers finalize their lesson plans the Kern High School District said it is excited for next Wednesday. 

"I think, overall, Kern High School District is just looking forward to another great year coming up as we help prepare our students to succeed," said Lisa Krsh, public information officer for Kern High School District. 

All schools in Kern High School District and Bakersfield City School District will start classes Wednesday August 17th.