Lumberjacks Restaurant opens in Bakersfield, replacing Coco's Bakery

Posted at 6:56 AM, Jan 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-17 09:56:01-05
Lumberjacks Restaurant, the full-service diner known for its made-from-scratch large portions of breakfast, lunch and dinner  in a log cabin-themed setting, will open in its first location in Bakersfield today, Tuesday, January 17!
The new Lumberjacks Restaurant is located at 2673 Mount Vernon Avenue, taking the place of Coco's Bakery.
"We're excited to provide Bakersfield a unique dining experience with Lumberjacks' sizable, down home cooking in an environment based on the hard working lumberjack, who always brought a big appetite to the table," said Scott Bailey, co-owner and vice president of Lumberjacks Restaurant.
The new Bakersfield Lumberjacks marks the first location for the brand in the area and will boost the local economy by adding up to 65 jobs.
"Our lumberjack motif stems from one of the earliest American trades - the timber industry," said Lumberjacks Founder Jeff Garrett. "Since lumberjacks spent their time working in the wilderness all day, they developed voracious appetites and were rewarded with large portions of food. Lumberjacks Restaurant looks forward to satisfying all appetites in Bakersfield." 
To learn more about Lumberjacks in Bakersfield, please visit their website or call (661) 873-7380.