Man and 2 year old girl seriously injured by illegal fireworks in separate incidents Monday

Posted at 10:14 AM, Jul 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-05 20:57:12-04

A 2 year old girl and a 25 year old man suffered serious injuries Monday in two separate incidents involving illegal fireworks. 

In southwest Bakersfield, 2 year old Nevaeh Bernal was outside with her family watching the fireworks. According to the Bakersfield Fire Department, someone lit an illegal areial firework that tipped over and shot across the street, hitting Nevaeh. Her mother, Gabriela Villaseñor, said everyone called 911 and Nevaeh was transported to the hospital with second and third degree burns to her legs and groin area. 

Neighbor, Ivan Diaz, said initially the entire street street felt like a party, but then things changed quickly. 

"You know you go from having a blast to like dang, you know? It flipped in an instant," said Diaz. "The band lowered the volume and then the firefighters came in first, then the ambulance followed by the cops."

Villaseñor said Nevaeh is doing well but is in for a lot of treatment and may need surgery. 

Villaseñor said she is planning to press charges on the person who lit the illegal firework that hit her daughter. 

Across town, in east Bakersfield Monday night, BFD said a man was lighting off an illegal bottle rocket that exploded in his hand.

He was also transported to the hospital with severe hand injuries.  


The 25 year old man suffered severe hand injuries when an illegal bottle rocket exploded as he was lighting it. 

San Joaquin Community Hospital confirmed with 23ABC News that they have a total of six patients being treated for fireworks-related injuries.

BFD said the Fireworks Enforcement Teams issued 78 $1,500 citations for illegal fireworks usage, made one misdemeanor arrest and one felony arrest for possession of a deadly weapon. The team also seized 625 pounds of illegal fireworks, according to BFD. 

BFD said they also responded to several brush, debris and improvement fire related incidents, but structure damage appeared to be minimal.