CSUB students on alert after odd assault

Posted at 11:42 PM, May 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-20 02:42:20-04

For many students at CSUB getting an email describing such an odd incident caught them off guard, while others say they are happy that police are not letting this slide.

CSUB police and campus administrators say the incident happened inside one of the rooms in the Stiern library on May 6.

After it was reported police gathered that the suspect claimed to be a Kinesiology major, asking for the victims help to practice certain stretches.

“That took place and at such a point, she felt that it became obtrusive and unwarranted. She advised the subject and he then left,” said CSUB Police Chief Marty Williamson.

But with finals coming up shortly, an act of this nature has some students like Araceli Figueroa and John Clemente on high alert.

“It was really weird, especially during the time of day. It was kind of...kind of scary,” said Figueroa.

“Knowing that this happened, especially in the library. I feel like it's taken quite a few students back and I think now they feel like it's not actually a safe environment for them,” said Clemente.

Michael Ogundare, a student getting ready to graduate from the same department the suspect claimed to be part of, says asking for a strangers help seemed a little odd.

“It never gets to the point where we have to use somebody physically. We either demonstrate it ourselves or we have video to look something up online,” said Ogundare.

Forcing some students like Julia Hughes to think twice about where they will gather with friends to study for finals.

“Especially since finals are coming up, everybody studies in the library. You know I don't really study in the library, I usually study at home. So it was concerned for my friends who study there but it wasn't really like an issue for me,” said Hughes.

At this time the search will continue for the suspect described as a dark-skinned Hispanic male in his early 20's with brown eyes and gelled down hair.

If you have any information you are asked to contact CSUB police directly.